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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: In-Depth Review

Alfa Romeo/TopGear

The new kid on the block is back, and bust onto the scene like the Kool-Aid man. Alfa Romeo releases their high end sport sedan with the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio. The latest renewal in Alfa’s sedan lineup, since the discontinued the 159 in 2011. Safe to say however, the high end luxury car maker did not disappoint, with their first rear-wheel drive (RWD) setup in nearly 30 years, with the last being the 75, which ceased production in 1992. The Giulia sent a shock through the automotive industry in 2015 with it’s stunning lines, and unmistakably Italian design, and this year’s edition is no different.

Head Over Heels

I personally fell in love with this car, and everything around it. The Giulia Quadrifoglio right off the bat seduces you with an enthralling name, it makes you feel like you’re in some classic rom-com, and the villain turns out to be some sort of woman who is irresistible. Quadrifoglio, which is Italian for four leaf clover, speaks volumes about the car, because you can try searching for years upon years, and you still wouldn’t end up with a car as gorgeous as this. Unlike most sedans in this segment, it’s not trying to be something it’s not, the curvature and sleek lines of the car fit right into Alfa’s portfolio, and it fits, the iconic triangle grille up front gives you a sneak peek of what this car is, truly Italian.

She Can Back it Up

Behind all that beauty is a heart just as enchanting, a twin turbo V6 pumping out a strong 501 horsepower to the wheels. Something to fall deeper in love with. No it doesn’t exactly have the Aero kit of the Toyota Camry TRD, or the Competition Package of the BMW M5, but it doesn’t need it. She’s perfect just the way she is. Her redline is a high revving 7,000 RPM’s, and with an automatic 8-speed transmission, she’s at the cross-section of daily driver and weekend track star. Spin the wheels, and you’ll take off like a rocket from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, an astounding figure for a car in this class. However it’s important to know, her twin turbos do like to stick with her for a bit, it rids itself of lag at 3,000 RPM’s, a tad higher than we would like, but there’s power right out of the gate in first gear, and if you opt for the RWD package, you may even get some wheelspin. The chassis itself is light, proof that the designers from Ferrari have retained some information, and is a blast to drive on backroads as well as the highways themselves. Her handling is responsive, paired with it’s grippy Sparco front seats, a loud stock exhaust, and a lightweight frame render themselves as the perfect performance sedan.

Mark Urbano/Car And Driver

Home is Home

The Italians pride themselves on luxury, and the Giulia stays true to that philosophy. Her interior is leather filled, and allows for luxury cruising whenever one pleases. The DNA modes allow for precise control of how the car feels and allows you to take it out on the racetrack with the best possible settings in order to stick up your German counterparts. The touchscreen is responsive and intuitive, and Alfa brings back hard dials instead of infotainment controls for the climate. The practicality is okay with a car like this, interior space is adequate, and the trunk is normal sized, nothing spectacular, but if you wanted good practicality, the Honda dealer down the street is selling the Odyssey by the dozens now.

Mark Urbano/Car And Driver

More than Meets the Eye

Oh Giulia, why’d you have to break my heart? Alfa Romeo has been known for sketchy reliability, and unfortunately, this beauty is prone to some issues. Even with the 3 year warranty, she struggles keeping her own. Multiple issues like the drive mode selection, ABS issues, and just general all around maintenance is not the best. Behind that gorgeous face lays various issues from the factory, and after three years, you’re kind of on your own, parts aren’t exactly the cheapest, and service at the dealer is sure to run up a check. Sorry Giulia, you are Italian after all.

Our Verdict and Stats

Overall, I think the Giulia is unmatched, especially if you want a super sport sedan that is sure to have a great road presence and to run 40 rolls on your local highway. Buyer beware however, huge maintenance costs and shoddy worksmanship could prove to give you plenty of headaches in the future.


Exterior: 9/10

Interior: 7/10

Performance: 9/10

Reliability/Ownership: 4/10

“Overall, I think the Giulia is unmatched”

“Buyer Beware”

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