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This Week in Cars: 911 GT3 Gets New Trim

An interesting week in the car world, some good news, and some bad. But that’s just “how it be sometimes”. Yeah I used slang, what are you going to do about it? A whole slate of gearhead news awaits us, some cool new cars in the works, some weird laws, and some exciting news for all the inner chemists in us. Okay that last part may be a stretch but we promise you it’s cool.


Porsche Tweaks 911 For a GT Focused ‘Touring’ Trim

If you thought the new 911 GT3 was a bit out there, granted the swan wing wasn’t meant for everyone, Porsche has put out their new and revised version of the ‘Touring’ trim level. As it always has been, the option comes at no cost to the consumer and prioritizes comfort over anything else. If you hated the raucous tone of the 911, well Porsche has dialed the exhaust note back a ton. Swapped out for the alcantara, you’ll now see leather on the seats as well as the dashboard. Sensitive and hard shocks have been replaced with softer and lumpier springs. The biggest omission however is the huge swan wing on the rear, perfect for anyone who wants a clean and streamlined look. The Touring model still will retain its ability to be outfitted with track options however, such as carbon ceramic brakes and those solid shocks fitted back in. The Touring will also feature Porsche’s prized 7-speed PDK for the first time. Previous Touring trims only came with a 6-speed manual. It will also remain the same weight and keep the same times and specs as the regular 911 GT3. Great for when you got a business meeting at 4 but a track day at 5. 

Porsche’s 911 Too Loud for California… Only in Manual Form?

Perhaps the most perplexing of all our stories this week, Porsche will not be allowed to sell their 911 in California state lines… except they can? Porsche is allowing anyone who ordered their 992 generation 911 with a 6-speed manual to make the switch to the 7-speed PDK. The manual version doesn’t adhere to Cali’s strict vehicle noise laws, but only in the manual format? Porsche says they’re stuck in limbo while a new law passes, but will not be able to sell any manuals until the new law goes into effect.


Toyota Tundra Brings Sexy Back

The new Toyota Tundra has just been unveiled and gosh darn it has brought a whole new level of HOT to the truck market. In a time where trucks of all classes are on the top of everyone’s minds, especially with them getting smaller and hybrid engines— cough cough, I’m looking at you Ford Maverick, the Tundra gets a new twin turbo V6, only a small departure from the V8 of 2007. Getting its first refresh since 2007, this old timer gets some new clothes. The Tundra is still very mysterious, the reveal didn’t exactly answer many questions, but it did set up the basis for the new truck as well as the new Land Cruiser which is very much due for a makeover just like the Tundra. The TRD Pro version like shown below will bear the new name for the engine: iForce Max.

Polestar Swings for the Fences Again

Coming off the biggest victory for the Swedes since the Great Northern War, Volvo’s high end luxury brand Polestar is set to launch their new SUV, the Polestar 3. Aptly named, this’ll be the 3rd vehicle they’ll have released. Having released a sedan (Polestar 1), and a crossover (you guessed it, Polestar 2), it only made sense they entered their red hot feet into the crowded electric SUV market. The 3 will also reduce costs for consumers by moving production to the United States— in Ridgeville, SC. Piggybacking upon other EV’s new tech, the 3 will include brand new Volvo developed autonomous driving technology as well as bringing Volvo’s engineering, R&D, and warranty over to the Polestar brand. Delving into the SUV market in the US will allow Polestar to gain a foothold in the United States market by exploiting one of the most rapidly growing segments; the electric SUV sector.


Koenigsegg Toys Around with New Fuel

Koenigsegg?! The ultra-niche automaker whose Regera gets a combined 15 MPG? The last person you’d think to try and look for alternative fuel goes and starts associating itself with Carbon Recycling Intl., a Icelandic organization that produced Vulcanol. Produced by taking CO2 near volcanoes and combining it with hydrogen compounds to power zero emission vehicles. It’s a cool concept and pairs well with Porsche’s alternative fuel search program. Maybe Filmore from the Cars franchise was right, alternative fuel may be the way out from the perceived EV slugfest, and would continue to keep internal combustion engines alive.




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