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The Type S Nameplate Returns with the Acura TLX Type S


After taking a near decade long hiatus, the Type S namesake returns, this time on the Acura TLX. The Type S prestige isn’t just embossed upon any car, it takes a step above whatever Acura has right now. This isn’t just a regular upbadged A-Spec, nor is it a simple family commuter. It’s the pinnacle of Acura’s affordable sport segment falling only to the NSX in terms of in-brand competition. Put forth to go toe-to-toe with other sport sedans like the M3 and the E 63 AMG. With a retail price just north of $50,000, it’s more affordable than plenty of other rivals in its class. Living up to a long lineage of high profile and performance sports cars won’t be easy but we think the TLX will sit just fine with what it has.

Featuring a twin-turbo V6 with 355 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque, the TLX is no gimmick. Unlike the A-Specs that Acura offers it’s not just the car with some extra window dressing, it’s a full on performance car. With the same displacement as the M3, 3.0 L, and for nearly $30,000 cheaper, the TLX looks to start encroaching on Beemer territory. Added perks include a double wishbone suspension, Brembo brakes (in contrast to BMW’s in-house ‘M’ brakes), and an added Sport+ drive mode which changes shift points, tightens steering and suspension, and lowers traction control’s aid in cornering situations. Available in Acura’s world renowned SH-AWD, the TLX takes advantage of its 10-speed automatic transmission by sending power to all 4 wheels and utilizing torque vectoring in order to give the vehicle the most optimal power output to each tire.


Numerous aesthetic changes also take the helm of the TLX. New exterior and interior colors are available including the pictured Tiger Eye Pearl. New for the interior is the Orchid cabin color exclusive to the Type S. Ditching the dual exhaust taken from the A-Spec, the Type S will feature a dual pipe quad tip exhaust system along with a new diamond grille. Sitting on Pirelli Summer Tires allow for max grip when taking off especially in tandem with the AWD system.

Inside, Type S drivers are treated to Ultrasuede® trimmed 16-way power seats with adjustable side bolstering and Type S embossing on the headrests. Type S comes exceptionally well-equipped with several premium and sophisticated features from the TLX Advance Package, including the critically acclaimed and award-winning ELS STUDIO 3D® 17-speaker premium audio system. Detailed information about the 2021 TLX Type S will be available closer to its on-sale date this May.


The Type S carries on a long history of cars we’ve come to expect a lot out of. The old Acura TL impressed, and still impresses today. The Type S contains nearly 100 more horsepower than the current top trim level, the 2.0 turbo as well as a whole liter more of displacement. The Type S badge will also carry on to a new precedent, an SUV. The MDX eventually will also wear a Type S nameplate, being the first Acura sport SUV. Not much else has been released about the TLX, but will be released sooner to the sell date in late May.



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