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The New Shelby Super Snake Speedster Headlines Shelby’s ‘Bundle of Snakes’

How could an American supercar get even more super? Chop the top off and make it a cabriolet roadster of course. Embracing America’s open air car culture is none other than America’s own Shelby. Long known as the godfather of American muscle, Carroll Shelby pioneered the notion of American horsepower. Here Shelby is again with another thriller. This time, they’ve launched a trio— the Bundle of Snakes.


The Head of the Snake


Leading the pack is the new Shelby Super Snake Speedster, a more driver-oriented version of the already hell bashing Shelby Super Snake. Starting at just north of $133,000, you get a mind boggling 825 horsepower from a Shelby tuned Mustang GT 5.0 L V8. Chop off the top of the 5.0 and you’ll get the new Shelby Super Snake Speedster. Sitting on 20-inch one-piece wheels wrapped with high performance summer tires, the Speedster isn’t exactly just a simple drop-top. It’s a drop-top that will take you to gapplebees and back in a matter of seconds. To further bring home the point, Shelby engineers went to work with new performance half shafts to join forces with the Ford existing rear suspension.

Truly making the Speedster a work of art is its rarity. While it may have started life as a regular Mustang GT, it certainly won’t finish that way. Limited to only 98 copies— paying homage to 98 years since Shelby’s birth. The top itself won’t be your basic GT soft top… it’ll be a true hardtop, featuring Shelby’s very own tonneau system.


Shelby will also widebody it, finishing it off with the iconic gunmetal gray with racing striped adorning the car. That racing stripe isn’t exactly a farce either, sporting Brembo brakes and goliath dual piston calipers seated upon carbon ceramic brakes, it’s something Carroll Shelby would be proud of. As previously mentioned, the Whipple supercharged V8 will spurt out 825 horses with a Borla exhaust peeking out the back.


The Other Two

While the Super Snake Speedster steals the show, we’re not done yet. Sandwiching the Speedster in the model lineup are the Shelby GT, Shelby’s take on the regular GT, and the new GT500SE, the GT500 Signature Edition.

The GT500 SE has a host of carbon features and offer an upgrade to the already monstrous 800 horsepower GT500. The track-oriented brute is the epitome of American track cars by featuring a flat plane V8 in lieu of the traditional pushrod V8 used in nearly every other American muscle car. Furthermore, the SE will offer more functional vents for better cooling, a stiffer and lower suspension, and some subtle styling changes. The SE will start just above $104,000.


Here’s Shelby describing their rendition of the GT, “The Shelby GT is designed for intense personalization and daily driving. The 480 horsepower V8 powered car has a deep draw hood with functional vents, Ford Performance suspension, Borla cat-back exhaust, 20-inch wheels shod with high performance tires, Shelby styling, custom interior and more. Starting from just $62,310, it is an affordable Shelby suited for daily use while still capable for quick, spirited driving on the track or open road. Shelby offers many custom parts for the car, including the “S/C” package that adds a 700 horsepower supercharger. Enthusiasts can choose between a manual or automatic transmission, as well as fastback or convertible.”

No matter which way you look at it, the new Shelby lineup is one of uniqueness and diversity. Shelby spends hours and months putting intensive work into their modifications, and their performance is treated as such. Something we’re all looking forward to see.




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  1. this car would be PERFECT for my new girlfriend as she is also a hard top LOL. will definitely be looking into purchasing this!!


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