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Peugeot Foregoes US Plans, Will Focus In On Europe

International automotive conglomerate Stellantis will delete its plans to bring Peugeot back to the US after 31 years of staying overseas. Stellantis originally had plans to revive the brand in the United States citing faltering sales from its brands already in the US. Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge all have had declining sales due to product quality, reliability, and public image. Most only have a few amount of models left in their lineup, a far cry from their somewhat famed past.

Chrysler only has 3 models on sale, the 300, the Pacifica, and the Voyager (which is just a cheaper Pacifica). Dodge— their high powered lineup only consists of the Charger, Challenger, and the Durango. It’s obvious that the US lineup of Stellantis brands is faltering, and bringing in a new competitor, especially to Chrysler would be detrimental.

Taking away Chrysler in the US market wouldn’t exactly do Peugeot any favors either. Taking away a revered American icon and replacing it with a French counterpart wouldn’t go over very smoothly with US consumers. It’d truly be a lose-lose situation. FCA’s reluctancy to keep up with consumer demand is also making them pace behind their competitors. Product quality has not improved, one of the biggest consumer complaints about FCA, their model lineup hasn’t kept up with the times either. The Pacifica Hybrid is the only US model to even have a hybrid option. As much as car geeks and gurus eat it up, slapping a 6.4 supercharged Hemi in everything won’t exactly boost sales. Gas prices will only continue to shoot up, and terrible fuel economy is just another quiver in FCA’s bag of failures.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares says for himself, “For the time being, I don’t think that is part of the things that we want to prioritize for the next time window,” Tavares said. “I think it’s better that we funnel the talent, the capital, and the engineering capability of our Stellantis company to the existing brands to improve what needs to be improved and to accelerate where we need to accelerate because we already have a very strong presence in this market.”

Chrysler’s sales figures were slashed by 2/3s in the past 6 years alone, falling off from 300,000 sales to a lowly 110,000. Declining sales figures are the end all be all in any industry and this situation is no different. As much as we’d love to see a new face here in the States, it simply doesn’t make enough sense for anyone. Would you like to see Peugeot in the states?



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