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The Lamborghini Huracan Evo Is Everything You Could Ever Want

È fantastico! Engulfed in that fiery orange lies a demon waiting to be unleashed with Lamborghini’s starter super car. The Lamborghini Huracan Evo treads a dangerous line— between grand tourer and flat out racecar. A luxurious interior clashes with a heart-racing in-your-face exterior. With a 5.2 L naturally aspirated V10 sunk into the back of the Huracan, it’s not here to play any games. It’ll be car lengths ahead of you before you even catch a glimpse of it. A 7-speed automatic DCT transmission will downshift before you say, “Oh mio Dio”. Plus it has Apple Carplay… IN A LAMBORGHINI!

Dio Sputafuoco

Lamborghini unleashed the hounds with the Huracan Evo, holding back nothing to enhance the performance of the car. Every little bit is made with a purpose, and if you had to question why Lamborghini had to put it in, they probably threw it out. Fitted with a mid-engine 5.2 liter V10 engine spewing 640 horses at 8,000 high-revving RPMs, the Huracan is nothing to mess with. Toy around with it and you’ll see exactly why it translates to hurricane in English. The numbers don’t lie either: 0-60 in under 2.9 seconds, stopping from 60 in less than 105 feet, and soaring at a top speed of just shy of 202 MPH.

The Huracan contains goliath 4 inch titanium pipes from the exhaust manifold back, and yes— including the down pipes making for a screeching, high pitch noise from the get go. Like a runaway freight train, the noise never stops as the 7-speed DCT always keeps you in high gears, and with a N/A, that’s exactly where the powerband is. You’ve all heard the internet hype behind the twin turbo Huracans with the back bumpers nixed, but with the Evo, it’s simply no longer necessary. Everything you’d want in a super car is there for your picking.

The steering is nice and sharp, unlike any other car I’ve been in. It’s not heavy nor overbearing, but it’s definitely not light enough where it feels like there’s no input. Don’t believe me? Hear it from Lamborghini themselves, “Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS), able to provide higher responsiveness in corners while requiring the lowest steering angles, is now coupled with rear-wheel steering in order to ensure agility at low speed, as well as maximum stability in high-speed cornering and under braking in the most severe conditions.” That’s right folks, in addition to all the bonkers gizmos and gadgets, the Huracan has four-wheel steering. And we could tell, the turning radius was that of a nimble rabbit, it could make hairpin turns like *struggles to snap*—you get the point. In addition to all that, let’s not forget all the other toys it has. The ECU monitors pitch, yaw, and roll, exactly like a 747. A fast 747. Like an F-16. AWD is standard with an LSD for quick starts and quick drifts. The iconic drive modes are still placed in the center with that oh-so-satisfying toggle lever, making a fast car, even faster.

Someone Got A Raise

To that Lamborghini employee somewhere on the French Riviera right now, taking a break from Italy to reflect on his work with the Huracan. That vacation better be paid, because whoever designed this thing is absolutely awesome. Beautiful exterior styling, straight out of Speed Racer itself. Sharp, jagged lines make the Huracan look menacing yet classy. Dual exhaust tips engraved into the rear bumper really do make this thing look like a rocket. Active aero makes the Huracan have one of Lamborghini’s lowest drag coefficient yet, and if you want to up the ante, an active rear spoiler tops it off. Plentiful colors and Lamborghini’s custom color program make it a canvas to be worked with, you can find some dope colors out there.

The Other End of the Spectrum

While the Huracan embraces its racer culture, we are in 2021 after all. That means it needs 2021 interior styling. Long gone are the days where Lamborghini could just omit a radio and toke it off as “weight-savings”. Now equipped with alcantara bucket seats, leather-optional, and Apple Carplay. Who doesn’t love Apple Carplay?! A well sized 8.4″ touchscreen with modern features is standard. A very cool telemetry screen is optional. Seating is comfortable and is actually pretty luxurious. Could you daily it? Probably. (The Lambo forums are gathering their pitchforks and looking up my address as we speak).

The Verdict

The Huracan is a very capable sport supercar with the best of both worlds. Don’t go expecting sedan practicality nor Centenario performance, but for what you pay ($261,754 as tested), you get a very solid supercar with good duality.






VALUE: 8/10




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