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The Mustang Mach E is Detroit’s Swing

Forget all the bad stigma around the Mach-E, the constant hate, the “electric sucks” fanboys, and the “that’s not a real Mustang” naysayers. Ford says it’s a Mustang, and we shall treat it as such. For a supposed “fake” Mustang, it does a pretty good job of hiding it. With nearly 460 horsepower on a light frame and 612 lb-ft of torque from the getgo, the Mach-E isn’t exactly something to tread on. It can hold its own just fine. Exterior looks and actual performance features scream it’s a Mustang just in a different sense. Detroit fires back at Palo Alto and tells Elon Musk they too can tango.

It Looks the Part

For an impostor, the Mach-E is on James Bond levels of foolery. It’s like Ford put every signature Mustang feature and adopted it for an SUV… and they did it well. Lining the back are the classic three column sequential turn signals, in front is the de facto grille, and even that is shaped like a regular Mustang grille. The muscular curves conform the Mach-E to Mustang-like contortions, and the same frame on which the Mustang GT is built on is also applied to the Mach E. Ford wanted to create something as iconic and pioneering as the original Model T, “Henry Ford said he was working on something that would strike like forked lightning… Today, the Ford Motor Company is proud to unveil a car that strikes like forked lightning all over again.” Ford’s Executive Chairman, Bill Ford says. The Mach E stands out significantly out of all the EV’s on the market. While every other EV goes for a full-out, futuristic look, the Mach-E looks traditional, taking baby steps to the future. Trying to maintain older consumers, Ford couldn’t afford to completely disenfranchise their loyal fanbase, but still had to advance the Mustang name forward. They sprinkled in some futuristic touches here and there, something small to keep both generations engaged. Updated and intuitive door handles— if you can even call them that, line the doors. A totally flush exterior is the feature piece of the exterior, making it look like a spaceship. All in all, the exterior of the Mach E is masterfully done, the perfect mixture of iconic and progressive, Ford did exactly what needed to be done.

The Electrified Stallion

The exterior is cool and all, but that’s not what makes a car a car. It certainly isn’t what makes a Mustang a Mustang. For starters the Mach-E is AWD, with four motors for each of the wheels. The Mach-E Performance Edition numbers come out to 459 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of instant torque, those numbers match up with the Mustang 5.0 GT. You’re not exactly missing much, except for a horsepower and 192 more pound-feet of torque. Don’t forget that torque is instant too, and it shows. Propelling it off the line to 60 MPH in 3.5 seconds— faster than its brother, the GT. Yes, the silence is deafening, yes, it doesn’t sound like a muscle car, but it’s an EV. It’s not pretending to be a Hellcat, it’s in a class of its own, Ford is simply trying to expand the brand further than what it is now. The regular Mach-E is much more tame, at 332 horses and 412 torques. Aiming to match up with the regular, EcoBoost Mustang, it serves well.

With all that being said, the Mach-E is still a SUV, and an electric one at that. It’s not crazy engaging to drive, and for some reason, the body roll is a tad excessive. You’re not going to get GT350 handling out of it. It feels lumpy to turn, and light steering makes you feel like you’re driving a soggy waffle. The body roll can be adjusted with dynamic dampeners, but even on the stiffest level, it feels really shaky. With that being said, for those who enjoy quiet, yet speed, that’s where the Mach-E takes control. It was pitch silent in the cabin, yet speedy off the line. Coming out of corners was a breeze, and don’t even get me started on merging on to the freeway. With no powerband, torque is available on-demand, making the Mach-E zoom past those pesky internal combustion cars.

Taking a peek inside, we see the newly revamped interior that is the focal point of what this car is. First off, we get a look at the fresh vertical screen with the bezel built right into the fascia itself. Ford’s next-gen SYNC system makes its debut in the Mach-E, and we’re impressed. It responds nearly instantly like a smartphone, it’s intuitive and doesn’t rely too heavily on the touchscreen, and the new SYNC system allows the vehicle to receive cloud updates from Ford wirelessly. How cool is that? Your car now gets real software updates. And unlike the folks in California, they don’t charge you for that. We’re looking at you Elon, don’t wiggle your way out of this. A futuristic “gauge screen” stands right in the driver’s line of sight and keeps up with the minimalistic interior. Leather is standard on every trim, and if we could make a suggestion, go for the white seats, absolutely gorgeous. A floating armrest pulls together the interior and keeps up with the progressive ideal. Modern touches include ambient lighting, 3 different drive modes, and MagneRide for a smooth suspension setup. The Mach-E has 29 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, and up to 60 with the back seats folded.

Propelling the Horse Forward

We must not forget, it’s still an EV, and if it’s going to market it as such, it better perform like one. With 211 to 305 miles of range, it’s quite average in terms of the EV department. Nothing to write home about, but it is a tradeoff for the performance you’re getting. Ford does offer their charging system, FordPass at 12,500 different location. The Mach-E also supports 240 V charging and Ford’s own charging system that’s available to be installed by the company itself. Overall, the EV aspect is pretty average and not too great in terms of competitors.

The Verdict

The Mach-E makes for a pretty good car, depending on what trim you get. However, there’s a large tradeoff in the performance to EV sector. The performance aspect overrules the EV aspect, making it a bit less practical than one would like. Base price starts at $46,695, and is on sale now.

OVERALL: 7.5/10





VALUE: 7/10



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