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Infiniti Reveals Their New German Fighter, the QX55

Infiniti has come out again with another SUV, surprise surprise, and they’re calling it the new QX55. Taking styling cues from the iconic FX lineup, the QX55 features a fastback style roof which is its main selling point. A sloping rear end roof gives way to seamless roof rails integrated into the top and finished off with a rear spoiler. Infiniti aims to bring sportiness to its SUV lineup- pairing the QX55 with a CVT transmission and hoping to run the 0-60 in the 5-6 second range. Bringing back their VC-Turbo engine allows the QX55 to put out 268 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque from a turbocharged inline-4 engine.

Infiniti pays homage to its past, paying tribute to the beloved FX SUV which first went on sale in 2003. Its sloped roof was a shock to the SUV market at the time, making it one of Infiniti’s best selling vehicles. Don’t fix it if it’s not broke right? So, Infiniti took a stroll down memory lane and revived the coupe-y style to keep up with today’s market. With “coupe” SUV’s slowly creeping up the market like the BMW X6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe; it made sense that one of the world’s largest luxury brands would follow suit. Most of the time, I hate coupey SUVs, they look bloated and kind of fat. Forced, almost. However, I really do like the looks of the QX55. An attractive front end pulls you in, the classic Infiniti LED DRLs give it an outer spacey kind of look. Foglights surrounded by piano black trim break up the front fascia, and a four-way linkage with the hood gives the impression that the roof is floating, another sci-fi touch. Set on top of comfortable 20-inch wheels the QX55 embraces its coupe lifestyle making for a soft, quiet ride. Its signature “piano key” taillights, as Infiniti calls them, push the sporty message even further giving it sequential turn signals on par with Lamborghinis and Mustangs.

On the inside even more is pretty. As expected at this price point leather is standard, and the Monaco Red seats make all the difference. Various materials adorn the dash and the interior such as wood, leather, and various brushed metals. The interior actually looks gorgeous and something that anyone would want to spend time in. Laminated glass surround the passengers as block out external noise in order to maintain a pleasant ride. A two screen setup is the centerpiece of the interior with Apple Carplay and Android Auto standard. Cargo space is the name of the game as well, with the QX55 giving you 26.9 feet of cargo space behind the second row outpacing its competitors. Rear legroom is bountiful and spacious, again leading competitors.

The engine as previously mentioned is a turbocharged 4 cylinder pushing 268 horses and 280 pound-feet of torque. This is about on par with the rest of its class, but doesn’t offer any engine upgrades however unlike the X6 M and the GLC AMG Coupe. This means you’re stuck with the base engine and the CVT (which is yet to be seen in the reliability department). While it is a quiet ride, audio speakers can pump in exhaust noise depending on what drive mode you’re in. The QX55 does come with a de-facto “manual” mode with shift paddles mounted on the steering column. Along with it comes an array of drive mode selections and 19 individual Bose speakers to play your tunes. 4-wheel AWD and independent suspension make for a smooth drive in any weather allowing it to power through most terrains with ease. Also Infiniti’s Body Motion Control keep the car stable during turns and allow for the reduction of much body roll, something crucial for SUVs.

All in all, the QX55 seems like an all-around vehicle, and we’re excited when it finally hits US shores. Starting at $46,500 for a base trim, it seems like a good value for the price. Deliveries start sometime in the Spring.


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