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The New Porsche GT3 Is Still The King of Sports Cars

The king still reigns, Porsche unveils the new GT3, their flagship high performance sports car. For years it’s been highly touted and regarded as the best sports car value out there. This year fares no different. Porsche has decided to stick to its guts and stay true to their heritage. Who can blame them, the folks in Stuttgart know how to make a damn good sports car. A complete Porsche-esque redesign, a brand new suspension, and a roaring fast lap record at the Nurburgring top off the new release. Even with all that, Porsche still goes old school.

The Tradition Continues

Nothing wrong with that again, never fix something that isn’t broke. The new GT3 will boast a 4.0 liter flat 6, a Porsche hallmark. The flat powerhouse will churn out around 502 horsepower coupled with 364 pound-feet of torque. A minuscule 2 horsepower and a pretty solid 25 lb-ft over the outgoing GT3. Redline stays stagnant and high at a whopping 9,000 RPMs, a high revving German monster. It comes standard as a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, but also is available as a increasingly rare 6-speed manual transmission for the enthusiasts out there. Keeping on with the people’s sports car, the GT3 hoists a lower suspension with revamped strut bars, a redesigned interior, and a totally reset brake system. Fun fact: a whopping zero of the GT3’s suspension parts are shared with the regular entry-base level vehicle.

In addition to its total redesign, Porsche also tuned in on the performance aspect. After all, this is the track-oriented model. So Porsche created an all new wind map of the GT3 and completely changed its aero structure. A massive new wing on the back may steal the show, but it’s much deeper than that. That wing is adjustable and provides up to 50% more downforce at its peak angle. The GT3 will do 0-60 in a staggering 2.6 seconds. Playing to its racing heritage the GT3 was 17 seconds faster than its predecessor, posting a 6:59:93 at the Nurburgring, an impressive time for a car in its class. In addition to its goliath wing, the GT3 will also have an adjustable front lip and other aero pieces to give it a maximum downforce of nearly 150% of its base format.

All these upgrades will have no increase in weight Porsche says. This is a crucial feature as the one thing the GT3 did well before was its weight management. Staying light and feathery was the biggest selling point of this rocket, and this new generation will be no different. Go behind the back and you’ll see the previously mentioned swan wing, and an upgraded lighting setup. Taking cues from the new Taycan, the GT3 has a huge rear light bar which straight up looks futuristic. Front LED lights are also standard, paired with projector high and low beams give it a modern, stealthy look.

Take a Gander Inside

Looking inside we’ll see a whole new interior. Framed up as picturesque, you’ll see power seating (a rare feature on track cars), a new shifter knob, and Porsche’s plethora of infotainment options. A track chronometer sits in the center, just waiting to be used. Suede, alcantara, and leather is used at will and looks great. While much on the dash and gauge cluster hasn’t changed, there seems to be a ton in the storage and space department. A tachometer sits firm in the center of the gauge cluster, showing off the 9,000 RPM redline. Porsche’s driver assistance and safety features also come standard.

What We Expect

Looking generously the price tag of the new GT3 seems to be north of the $150,000 mark, which is still solid. More expensive than previous models however which shouldn’t be faulted. This is Porsche’s best creation yet, and it seems like it. High expectations come out of this one, and we can’t wait to see how it’ll perform.



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