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Chevy Refreshes the Bolt, This Time With A New Project


With gas guzzlers slowly being erased from the history books, small EVs are slowly starting to rule the roads. While that dystopian fantasy may still be a while away, that didn’t stop Chevy from trying. These past couple of days the golden bowtie refreshed the faltering Bolt EV and launched the Bolt EUV, an electric crossover that fits under the Bolt family. With Chevrolet pledging to have a fully electric fleet by 2035 it makes sense that they would start with the bottom tier vehicles and work their way all the way up. Not so fast though, the gremlins in Detroit have loaded both cars up to the brim with enticing features and this could be a sleeper car to watch in terms of market value.

SUVs are getting more popular… there’s simply no denying that. To electrify them for some reason intrigues automakers like a puzzle does to a 5-year old. You can’t blame them either, it’s combining two of the fastest auto segments in the world. Chevy has done no different. The Bolt and the Bolt EUV are the old Volt’s replacement. GM has been trying to get a grip in the EV segment for years now. The Bolt will have a range of 259 miles in it’s 5-door hatchback form, and its bigger brother the EUV will shave 9 off that number and make out about 250 miles. Compared with the Nissan Leaf, which gets only 229 miles of range at the high end, it’s not seeming so bad. Chevrolet might’ve actually gotten a grasp into the oh so coveted market.

New features include the aforementioned new style (the EUV), the addition of GM’s SuperCruise, the same high tech adaptive cruise control used on Cadillacs that is basically autopilot without the Tesla, and the Chevy Standard Assistance Package. The interior is refreshed and uses modern materials and actually looks like the time period in which it was produced. Not straight out of the Jetsons. It also offers level 1 and 2 charging, but only supports up to 55 kWh, lagging behind other EVs that offer 100 kWh. A new exterior with sequential turn signals, standard LED lighting, and styling borrowed from the Blazer and the Camaro give it a more streamlined and aggressive look. One pedal driving and on demand regenerative braking also are selling points and look to make a mark on the EV market today.

If you’re going to buy an EV, there’s plenty of options, but just know, Chevy has dropped the price nearly $5,000 from the Bolt in egress. The Bolt hatchback stands at $31,995, and the EUV starts at $33,995. Chevy dealerships won’t be handing these out anymore, so get ready to maybe pay a premium. Old Bolts will slowly start to get cheaper and cheaper and may be a bargain.



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