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The New Mercedes AMG GT Will Go Nuts No Matter Where You Go

That long blunt nose hood could make anyone cry tears of joy. Borrowing cues from the SLS AMG of the past, Mercedes-Benz has created a true bargain sports car. Now the 3 prong logo doesn’t get brought up much in the category of value, but Mercedes-Benz has really hit the mark here. Ferocious styling for the track and the streets, plenty of interior comfort and features, coupled with more than enough power for any situation makes the AMG seem like one of the best sports cars on the market, and hits well above its price range.

How Pretty Girl Drives

For starters, the GT has plenty of trim options, starting from the base coupe all the way up to the $400,000+ Black Series. New for 2021, the AMG GT releases a murdered out Stealth Package, which keeps a low profile blacked out scene. The goodies don’t end even near to there, packing a huge twin turbo V8 pumping out 523 horses and 494 pound-feet of torque. The number paired with its weight stands out with normal cruising, as well as bursting off from street lights. The car retains it muscular attitude from years past and the showstopping looks haven’t changed. Its steering is tight, but not yet too light. Perfect oversteer allows the backend to release itself with ease and sprinting out of corners doesn’t feel like a chore. The turbos don’t take too long to spool up and the V8 provides instant punch from the get go.

The DCT shifts masterfully, like a chocolate truffle straight from the south of Germany. AMG engineers fitted the GT with powerful carbon ceramic brakes paired upon sticky Michelin Pilot Sport summer tires. With this blissful pairing, the GT stops on a dime and is a pleasure to take anywhere. The GT performs just as well in New York as it does at Road America, it truly is a dynamic vehicle that AMG engineers concocted up. It also comes standard with a limited slip diff, which furthermore allows it to slip out the back, soundproofing to make for a comfortable quiet ride, and upgraded struts and shocks eliminating any body roll and chassis flex.

Numbers too, are impressive. Posting a top speed of 194 MPH and a 0-60 time of a solid 3.7 seconds. All these numbers mean nothing without true performance, and the Black Series does just that. The high end of the GT trim spectrum, is a true race car in street format. The V8 turns into a flat plane, and yanks out nearly 720 horsepower.

Interior and Trim Spectrum

The interior is adorned with carbon fiber, suede, plastic, and leather. A true mixed bag, but Mercedes makes it work. Apple Carplay and Android Auto come standard of course, but additional driver safety features also come with the base. Adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and forward collision warning all come standard. Various options are available, as expected. However, a huge 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster steals the show. Cargo space is at a premium, but outperforms competitors. Interior space also lags behind, so much for a grand tourer. The trim ranges range from true luxury car, to full on race car. The bottom half of the trims are really meant for cruising and grand touring, while the higher trims push the envelope with race car like behaviors.

The Verdict

The AMG GT once again shows why it’s a supercar bargain, and with base prices starting just north of $117,000, it truly is an option to consider. It’s ferocious exterior styling, especially on the higher trims is bound to make people gawk at the price you’re paying









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