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Why Now Is The Perfect Time For Dodge to Revive the Viper

For nearly three decades, America had a true super car. Ferocious muscle, sleek and stealthy styling, as well as monstrous performance. Dodge ran the Viper from 1992 to 2017 with the exception of 2007 and 2010-2012. The Viper was an absolute beast, and one of the most powerful vehicles that us freedom lovers have ever come out with. The Viper started out with 400 horsepower to the rear wheels in 1992, an absurd figure at the time, when rivals were barely scratching the 300s. Eventually, at the end of its tenure, in 2017 the Viper could put out 645 horses, while still maintaining the power to the rear. The Viper also was a pure death trap, with minimal safety features combined with a massive 8.0L V10. This combination created a killing machine on wheels, and that’s what made the Viper so great, and there’s no better time than now to bring it back.

With engines getting smaller, and more efficient, there has started to be cultish demand for high horsepower, gas guzzling vehicles as of late. Think of the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat, those came out in 2015, right when the EPA Federal Emission regulations started to hit. The CTS-V ended production on 2019, soon followed by the gas guzzling CT6-V, CT5-V, and the CT4-V. The Corvette also lowered its’ efficiency, and turned itself into more of a supercar by turning itself into a mid engine. It seems as though car companies are feeding into this sort of pocket of car enthusiasts who don’t care about the luxury and the efficiency of a vehicle, and granted this sort of demographic has always existed, but the market for it has just been so saturated. For the longest time you DID have the Viper, you had the Ford GT, you had exotic European cars that didn’t have many safety features and this itself put the Viper in a special category.

The Viper couldn’t just be rode in, it needed to be driven. It needed constant attention because it wasn’t high tech, that was never the point, it needed care and actual driving skill. That’s truly what made it special, and now that there is a huge market for these types of vehicles, and not a lot of supply, Dodge could make a ton of money, for an already subpar FCA.

Here’s my plan, launch it, like Ford did with their new GT. Let the car serve as the new halo car for Dodge, because Chevrolet has the Corvette, Ford has the already rare GT, and now Dodge could have a new Viper. Dodge’s halo vehicle is a $80,000 track monster who competes with mid-level sports cars like the Mustang and the Camaro, and with so many of those already on the road, consumers are dying for something different. Release the Viper in limited number, with the iconic V10, that would play a huge role in its desirability. Let people who want practicality get the Challenger and the Charger, and for those who want a true driving experience in a hell of a car, buy the Viper. It needs a sweet spot between the popularity of the Corvette and the rare desirability of the Ford GT, and that would easily make FCA a ton of money and bring more glory upon the Dodge brand across the world.

The demand is there, Dodge has the production capability to bring back the V10, or at least slap the Hellcat engine in it. The main upgrade over the regular Hellcats with the Viper is track usability and handling. As much as a meme it is, Hellcats handle like yachts. They are absolute garbage on a racetrack, and the Viper was notorious for its excellent handling, so it gives FCA a great track car, with a V10, and a halo car to use for its brand. The Dodge Viper has always been a a legendary car, and we’d love to see it come back.


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