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The Ford Raptor Is Back and Better Than Ever

Ford has officially outdone themselves, putting them in a league of their own. The company that makes the Fusion, releases this behemoth. The new Raptor, and the subsequent Raptor R make their debut soon, and have just been unveiled and I’m already falling in love. This trail eating monster has been one of our top cars for years now, and ever since it came out in 2009, it’s been at the top of our best car lists. Now for 2021, it’s been revamped and redesigned and we couldn’t be more excited.

What’s Inside?

Only removed a few months from the launch of the Ford Bronco, another offroad monster, Detroit releases the third generation of the Raptor. This time it’s even bigger… and better. The biggest improvement being, the Raptor comes with 37-inch tires stock from the factory. This huge development means that you wouldn’t have to spend the time and the money leveling the truck, lifting it, and putting new rims and tires on it. Now, the truck comes offroad ready. The engine, as always, is a twin turbo V6 with a 3.5L displacement. The EcoBoost engine is also tied together with a 10 speed automatic transmission, making towing a breeze. The truck also comes with all of Ford’s towing and safety features. It comes standard with the two package with includes trailer assist, hill assist, an invisible trailer camera, and trailer park assist. The Raptor is also trail ready, with 4 different modes. You’ll get Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Baja (which opens up the pipes, gets it ready for some serious offroading, and makes the V6 sound more beefy). Ford has also tuned the Raptor to get a bump in horsepower and low end torque, while on the other end lowering emissions and heightening gas mileage figures. A 500-mile range is expected, however the tank size is still unknown. The Raptor is also ready for any terrain with Ford’s Terrain Control Modes, which consist of Sport, Rock Crawl, Baja, Normal, and three more. One pedal driving and slow rock crawl modes once again steal the show, making it a capable offroader.

Inside and Out

The exterior styling was heavily inspired by a F-22 fighter jet, and straight up looks villainous. The badass design was heavily pushed to compete with the RAM TRX’s exterior styling, yet maintains the beefy road presence of previous Raptor generations. The DRLs come in both amber and white, and the triple dot running lights on the front grill stay. Dual tow hooks and a winching point in the front are sure to attract and mudder and the rear taillights are show stoppers and let everyone know that this isn’t your grandpa’s F150. The Raptor also has 14 and 15 inch suspension travel in the front and back respectively, making even offroading feel like a gentle stroll to the nearest supermarket. A five link rear suspension gives the Raptor a comfort feel, while still holding onto its country heritage. The Raptor truly is a dual climate vehicle, perfect for city driving, while also being able to wreak havoc in the city.

The interior is a pure duality of options. You can either get barebones foam, or you can get luxurious leather seats. The interior has been redesigned with a new steering wheel, infotainment system, and plenty of storage. The Raptor also comes with a generator to power all your goodies in the back. It also only comes as a SuperCab, seating 5, and the rear is insanely comfortable. Plenty of legroom, great amenities, and a plethora of charging and technology options for the daily driver. The infotainment maintains Ford’s commitment to their SYNC program, which has been highly touted as one of the best in the business. It’s responsive and super intuitive, something even your mother could use. The truck also is connected to the cloud, it can get updates instantly, and give you up-to-date trail maps. Also included are high end aux switches, which could ultimately be hooked up to anything.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Raptor seems to be one of the best buys for anyone around. Better gas mileage means the Raptor can officially be seen as a daily driver for any condition. Ford is also set to release a V8 version for the 2022 model year, called the Raptor R. It’ll have some stiff competition this year with the new Ram TRX, and we’ll see how that fares soon, but with the perfect combination of city and country lifestyles packed into the Raptor, we’re sure the third generation is bound to be a massive hit.



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