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The Dynamic Duo Returns: Cadillac Releases The New V Lineup

Just days after our critical CT6-V review, Cadillac has officially released its new V-Series Lineup, the CT4-V and the CT5-V. To the enchantment of many gearheads across the nation, these two, will certainly be better. Ever since the CTS-V and the ATS-V were discontinued, the V Series has been a mosh posh of thrown together family sedans that weren’t too great to drive, but now, Cadillac has struck back. The CT4-V and the CT5-V will be designated as Blackwings, the Caddy’s highest prestige.

The CT4-V has 472 horsepower with a twin turbo V6 engine, similar to the CT6-V, but on a much smaller and lighter vehicle. This is a direct successor to the beloved ATS-V, a car which we loved very much. The CT5-V, is a loose CTS-V revamped, with 668 horsepower encased by a monstrous supercharged V8. The two seem incredibly fun for the 2022 model year, and look like a blast to drive. Cadillac even appealed to the car culture market by making a six-speed manual standard, a far cry from the 10 speed auto that came with the CT6-V. However, we have to mention, the automatic option is still a 10 speed. The interior looks roomy, and filled with carbon fiber, and with it being a Cadillac, you already know it’s sure to impress with comfort and luxury. You’ll also get a digital gauge cluster, high end leather upholstery, and a great infotainment system along with plenty of driver-assistance features. Both cars feature rear wheel drive, as well as GM’s Alpha chassis, and ride-adaptive MagnaRide.

Despite Cadillac’s greatest prestige, these cars are the finale, of a GM saga that has stood the test of time. These will be the last GM produced internal combustion V-Series vehicles. As GM slowly phases out gas engines for electric options, as with the new Hummer, these cars are a dying breed. This could be the death of the American Muscle Car as we know it. Even Dodge’s CEO has come out and has said that the V8 engine is officially on life support, and this is a huge blow for every car guy or gal out there.

But this may not be the worst thing. As EV infrastructure grows, and as production of EVs grow, we will soon get used to it. People were mad when the horse and carriage phased out, now this is no different. GM plans to go all-electric in 2035, and while that may seem a while away, we’re only 14 years away, so it’s best to start appreciating what we have now. As sports cars get electric, like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Porsche Taycan, it’s safe to say, we’re still in good hands, and it’s a new world. It’s a changing environment, and us as humans and car geeks must start to appreciate the change.



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