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2019 Jaguar XE Project 8: An Absolute Track Monster

If you thought the British couldn’t make a track focused absolute psychopath of a car, you’re wrong. Sorry. The Brits have put their best foot forward, and oh boy is it amazing. Now, this is not a new car, but it is something that is worth talking about because this heathen of a car cannot be ignored. The Project 8 is based off the Jaguar XE midsize sedan which starts at nearly $40,000. The Project 8 however, the apple falls far from the tree. It has a sticker price of nearly $190,000, close to 5x the car of which it’s based off of. What do you get for that price? A roaring, high octane performance sedan with fire coursing through its gas lines of course.

Holy Mother of [BLEEP]

Jaguar has not come to screw around, they had a plan to make a track oriented performance vehicle, and they have not disappointed. They put the Project 8 under their in house performance company, SVO, Special Vehicle Operations. This is the same company who made the XJ220, and the XJR15 to clear up any misunderstandings about the credibility of their past. SVO went all in on this one, they slapped a supercharged V8 in this car making around 592 horsepower and a 0-60 time of a blistering 3.5 seconds. Only two parts come from the actual original XE, the front fenders and the front hood, everything else has been adapted to fit the new beast. It’s rowdy, its tailpipes let everyone around you know that you’re driving something that differs from the norm. Put it in race mode, and the pipes open up even more, allowing for a beautiful raucous to ensue right behind you. Peddling around 516 pound-feet of torque allows for devilish acceleration coming out of corners and off starts. This is not your mom’s Jaguar she uses to take you to soccer practice, this is a Jaguar straight from the depths of hell itself. Handling all this power is not easy, as aforementioned, even though the basis is off a normal production car, the Project 8 was built from the ground up. Huge rear fender flairs tower over the wider rear wheels, a functional quad exhaust and an expanded downpipe, as well as wider piping for the exhaust have been added. Huge carbon ceramic brakes with shock yellow calipers have been fitted on the massive 20 inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports on for shoes. The massive rear spoiler comes stock, no one will believe you, but it does, and it’s adjustable for the perfect amount of downforce that this track cat needs. Carbon side skirts and canards allow for perfect aerodynamics at high speeds, along with the huge grill plus a goliath sized air intake system. All this would propel you to a top speed of 200 mph easily.

What’s Inside?

Despite all these crazy modifications however, including the brazen decal of the Jaguar pouncing on the rear panels and the various graphics scattered on the hood and around the car, Jaguar definitely did not skimp out on the interior. The seats are surprisingly comfortable, making it seem actually like a Jag instead of a brazen track car. The infotainment screen comes straight out of other Jags, but this is nowhere close to a bad thing, it’s responsive, and intuitive. For a 600 horsepower monster, the Project 8 is actually somewhat practical. Carbon fiber is placed everywhere, and whether it actually does something is a story for another time, but it does come with everything you’d want. Cruise control, dual zone climate controls, power seats, it’s a regular XE on the interior, except it’s not.

How It Drives

The Project 8 is feisty, yet graceful in a sense. She handles great… until it’s too much, then she can spin out of control. Her ride is great, until you get over 90 MPH, then it feels like you’re driving the car from the Flintstones. The back end comes loose easily, and makes for a great time on the track. Let’s not forget, this car set the Nurburgring Track record for the sedans… a JAGUAR!

The Verdict

She’s a pretty one, and she’s great… that is, if you can get your hands on one. The car is more rare than a Ferrari F40, with only 200 ever made. Find one, drop about 200 grand, and it is sure not to disappoint, the Brits have done it again.









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